Electronic POD: POD verification and balance payment is now just a click away

Efficient Proof of Delivery management is one of the major challenges troubling the Transport Industry. Online POD settlement through Vyom app provides a one-stop solution for digitalised verification of ‘proof of delivery’ and easy settlement of the balance amount.


The traditional paper based or non-digital method is highly inconvenient and time consuming. It is also risky in nature, resulting in delay and workflow errors. In this case, the driver receives the proof of delivery, once the consignment reaches the destination. However, there is delay before the transporter receives the documents. The documents are transferred over unreliable media like Whatsapp or distributed physically. This makes the process vulnerable to human errors.


Suppose, a wrong shipment is made or there is damage of goods which requires re-shipment, the transporter needs to take immediate actions to make-up for the loss. But the current process does not support real time tracking and visibility of the shipment.


On the supplier side, the driver needs to go through a lot of paperwork and the additional responsibility of maintaining those documents for proper handover. The subsequent billing and release of the balance payment is also delayed.


VYOM has come up with an easy solution for all these problems. Through VYOM app the driver can now e- file the POD and other relevant documents right away on the same day of delivery. This helps improve driver/supplier efficiency by doing away with the storage, security and sharing issues associated with maintaining pieces of paper.

The transporter can also report any issue that might have occurred in the delivery process. After required adjustment, the final balance amount would reflect in the POD section of our App. The transfer can then be initiated through the very same platform.  Central storage and access improves traceability and lowers operational cost.


As companies look forward towards more efficient ways of doing business, VYOM’s electronic POD process stands out as a step towards a smarter India.


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