Share truck details: No more phone calls, share digitally

The trucking industry in India is highly fragmented and lacks proper channel of communication. The existing processes require a large amount of human intervention which exposes the system to human errors and delays. The number of phone calls involved in closing a deal adds to the operational cost.

Once a supplier agrees to provide his vehicle for the shipment of goods, the concerned transporter needs to collect the truck and driver details for proper loading and transit. This involves offline communication over the phone or other means, which might result in miscommunication. The consequences would be not to anybody’s liking – unwanted delays, loss of reputation and customer relation.

VYOM is determined to tackle such issues and morph the industry into a technology reliant one. Our new “share truck details” feature bridges the gap between the transporter and supplier by allowing the suppliers to share truck, driver and owner details through our platform.

Truck information can be added by the supplier after he agrees to provide his vehicle for a specific order. Once he enters the details, the transporter would be notified at once though app notification and SMS. This will eliminate the entire chain of phone calls that are required to get this piece of information. The broker once confident of his supplies can add the details beforehand, in his profile section. Later, when required, for a trip, he can simply select the particulars from the pre-added list. Quick release of advance payments, once the required details are shared, would benefit the suppliers.

With the emergence of e-Way bill, pre-sharing of truck details would be a much welcome step for easy generation of e-Way bills. The drivers’ details would ensure better coordination and provide more credibility as the person in charge of the conveyance would be carrying the relevant documents to ensure hassle-free transit through various check posts.

As VYOM is constantly enabling the transport industry to accept newer and better technology innovations, Digital Trucking in India is truly on the horizon.


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