VYOM Fuel Wallet: Cashless and card less solution to purchase fuel


Fuel cost, amounting to 55% of the operational cost, comprise the biggest portion of expenditure in the trucking industry. The inconveniences of dealing in ready money add to the problems of truck operators. The driver or supplier has to carry hard cash all the time for fuelling requirements along the way. They also sometimes work on credit, settled at the end of the month either through cash or cheque. Fuelling through card requires the physical presence of the card with the truck driver. This becomes a problem for large fleet owners, who have multiple vehicles plying at the same time. A true solution to this problem is card-less and cashless ways of fuelling, making it easily acceptable to all.

VYOM, India’s largest truck brokerage, has developed first of its kind card-less fuelling solution, for all its suppliers and brokers – in association with almost all the oil major in the country (HPCL, BPCL, IOCL & Reliance)

We allow the fuelling of trucks through our digital fuel wallet. In the app itself, the supplier can specify the percentage of the trip amount that should be allocated for fuel wallet recharge, for all active loads. The ‘Payment Mode’ sections allow the supplier to set a different fuel amount for a specific trip. The amount is credited as soon as the advance payment comes from the transporter.

The fuel voucher generation process is extremely easy and user-friendly. After selecting the suitable Fuel wallet from ‘Profile’ section, all he needs to do is fill the driver phone number and amount for fuel. On reaching the fuelling station, the driver just needs to mention his phone number, to get the OTP on his phone, and specify the amount for fuel purchase. The ‘Fuel Passbook’ section provides an easy reference to all the fuel transactions, giving central control to the supplier and increased traceability.

Such a technology-driven partnership will help enhance customer convenience and improve operational efficiency by simplifying the process of fuel purchase. Free from carrying cash or card, the brokers can now fuel anytime and for any amount. The wide range of partnerships makes it usable across all the Indian fuel outlets. Secure payments through a digital wallet, easy creation, and recharge of the digital voucher only add to the adoption of technology by the transport industry and ushering in a digital economy.


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